Manufacturer of thermoformed packaging and blisters

As a company specialised in industrial thermoforming, we manufacture made-to-measure thermoformed packaging or standard thermoformed packaging, of all shapes and sizes.

From packaging for transport, to thermoformed packaging for product protection or plastic display packaging, CTCI Group will be able to offer you a thermoforming solution adapted to your packaging application.

A manufacturer of thermoformed plastic packaging for a variety of applications: packaging materials, plastic blister packaging, product wedge packaging

A manufacturer of thermoformed plastic packaging for a variety of applications: packaging materials, plastic blister packaging, product wedge packaging
As a manufacturer of thermoformed packaging, we are able to solve all the packaging problems posed by our customers’ products. Whether it is for protective plastic packaging, the manufacture of thermoformed wedge packaging, or the thermoforming of packaging for displays (POS advertising), our plastic processing operations produce thermoformed packaging perfectly suited to the applications of our customers.

Most of the thermoformed packaging manufactured by our company is for industrial customers for applications including:

  • Industrial thermoformed packaging for wedging parts or products,
  • Manufacture of thermoformed packaging for products,
  • Thermoformed blister packaging for perfume bottles or cosmetics,
  • Thermoformed trays for product storage and display,
  • Plastic blister packaging for foodstuffs,
  • Made-to-measure thermoformed packaging for fragile parts,
  • strong>Thermoformed storage trays for pharmaceuticals or laboratory products,
  • Blister packaging for medication,
  • Blister packs in the form of thermoformed shells for shelf display,
  • etc.
manufacturer of thermoformed packaging, blister

A company renowned for the design of custom-made thermoformed plastic packaging for demanding industries

CTCI Group designs and manufactures thermoformed packaging for various industries with stringent requirements regarding the quality, strength, shape and cost of packaging. We know how to meet our customers’ requirements and their needs for support in the design of their packaging and the supply of suitable means of production to manufacture the required thermoformed packaging.

The thermoformed plastic packaging manufactured by CTCI Group is mainly designed for industries such as:

  • packaging materials for packaging and wedging products in the luxury goods industry,
  • blister packaging for the medical and healthcare sector,
  • thermoformed wedges and blister packs for parapharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products,
  • thermoformed blister packaging for cosmetics,
  • thermoforming for the manufacture of APET, APET, PE, PP packaging, etc.,
  • manufacture of blister packs for packaging cosmetics in the perfumery sector,
  • thermoforming of special packaging to showcase gourmet products,
  • thermoformed display trays for retailing and supermarkets,
  • etc.

thermoformed packaging for transport and wedging

As well as manufacturing your thermoformed packaging, our design office offers know-how in the design of plastic or foam wedge trays for premium boxes for cosmetics, perfumes or wines and spirits.
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