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Engineering & thermoforming

thermofage pour manutention automatiqueEngineering
gestion recyclage plateau thermoforméThermoforming handling tray
solution emballage thermoformé

EPH imagines and produces 100% adapted and optimized solutions for the packaging, handling and transport of your products.

Located in St Aubin Sur Gaillon, the site specializes in manufacturing packaging solutions or custom thermoformed parts for various sectors of activity (industrial, food, automotive, cosmetics …).

The thermoformed parts can reach a size of 1250 mm X 1450 mm with a thickness ranging from 150 microns to 12 millimeters, as well for small, medium and large series.


Thanks to its engineering teams and its efficient machine park at the cutting edge of innovation, EPH offers a complete range of packaging, from a protective cap to trays up to 600mm deep.


Whatever your need, for manual use or to respond to the automation of your lines, EPH will meet your constraints while ensuring the traceability of your packaging.


EPH also offers complementary services such as managing your packaging loops by dusting and sorting used trays.

plateau thermoformé pour usage manuelQuality department
gestion de plateau thermofage usagePrototyping
plateau thermformé antistatiqueInventory Management & Shipping
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thermoformage pour la manutention automatiqueControlled environment
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Engineering & Thermoforming

fabricant pièce thermoformé
1 rue de l'Artisanat
67440 Singrist
03 88 71 49 49
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solution emballage thermoformé
2 impasse des Bonnets
ZA Les Houssières
27600 St-Aubin-sur-Gaillon
02 76 48 01 09
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Recycling & Extrusion

9141 route du Boutoir
89210 Brienon-sur-Amançon
03 86 80 17 81
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