As a thermoformed packaging company based in France, we manufacture customised blister trays, and, more specifically, trays with plastic cells for food packaging.
The expertise of our design office in the design of made-to-measure or standard thermoformed packaging, and our command of thermoforming techniques, enable us to meet all the packaging demands of the food processing and food industry.

A manufacturer of thermoformed food packaging and cell trays for food by thermoforming

L’expertise de notre bureau d’études dans la conception d’emballage thermoformé sur-mesure ou standard, et notre maîtrise des techniques du thermoformage nous permet de répondre à l’intégralité des contraintes de conditionnement de l’industrie agro-alimentaire ou alimentaire.

The food sector demands the perfect command of the various plastics, such as food-grade PETPVC or PS, and, above all, a strong knowledge of the legislation on food packaging. As a specialist in thermoformed industrial packaging, our thermoforming company makes its know-how available to food and food processing enterprises for the manufacture of thermoformed food packaging.

To meet our customers’ needs for plastic food packaging, we design and manufacture thermoformed cell trays or thermoformed cells according to the specifications defined in advance by the customer or jointly with our thermoforming design office.

Our specific quality protocol guarantees that the cells or cell trays protect the food products to be packaged and meet the safety standards for food packaging.

Manufacturer of thermoformed salad trays
Wedge box for food products
Manufacturer of thermoformed salad trays Wedge box for food products

A thermoforming company that makes quality food packaging for presentations adapted to the product

Our company, which manufactures food cells or cell wedge trays for food, can help you to choose the plastics and the technical characteristics for rigidity, visual appearance and recyclability. Our expertise in thermoforming and our know-how in the manufacture of thermoformed food packaging enable us to design and manufacture eco-responsible thermoformed food packaging that is ideally suited to its use.

All our thermoformed food cell wedge trays are designed for safe handling and suitable presentation.

Depending on the type of thermoformed food wedge tray or food cell, our design office analyses various points with you, such as:

  • The size of the cell according to the cavity that contains the food product,
  • The definition of the number of cells that make up the thermoformed food wedge tray,
  • The different dimensions of the packaging to adapt the size of the cell tray,
  • The environmental constraints of the thermoformed cell tray for optimal recycling and the choice of the right plastic, PETPVC or PS food-grade material,
  • etc.

A manufacturer of cell trays for the food and food processing industry

Our thermoforming company of plastic food packaging and food cells regularly manufactures thermoformed food packaging such as:

  • Thermoformed trays for sweet packaging,
  • Thermoformed food packaging for fruit,
  • Plastic food packaging for triangular sandwiches,
  • etc.

Irrespective of your needs for thermoformed food packaging, from the type of food cell tray to plastic food cells, our thermoforming company will meet your specifications and help you to design suitable thermoformed food packaging.